Negotiation of the driver contracts is only the initial step in several highly specialized service areas that FUEL SMG provides our clients:

Contract Negotiation

We constantly seek to recognize emerging developments to negotiate top-of-the-market driver contracts for our clients, evidenced by our negotiation of several of the most lucrative driver contracts in the history of NASCAR.  We have unparalleled expertise of the existing driver market, ranging from what seats are projected to become open to team culture dynamics, which insure the right partnership between the driver with not only the race team, but also the sponsor.

Financial & Risk Management

Once a driver contract is negotiated, we work with our clients to develop a smart and disciplined approach to the management of their financial assets with the primary goal of making sure our drivers are able to leave racing with a well-secured financial future.

Our in-house CPA oversees the day-to-day financial matters of our clients.  We also assist our clients in selecting an elite financial management firm as well as an accounting firm to handle their financial management, bookkeeping and accounting services.   Our expertise extends to the proper advising on matters concerning comprehensive insurance requirements, the correct structuring of their corporate entities for liability and tax planning purposes, and on major asset acquisitions such as real estate, motor coaches, and private aviation assets.

Image, Brand Development & Management

As racing sponsorship programs continue to become more sophisticated, a driver with strong image characteristics and brand positioning that appeals to corporate partners, will be in a better position to secure an elite driving opportunity.  As a result, we consult with the driver to create a consistent strategic brand identity that will engage fans, media, corporate sponsors and their consumers.

Endorsement Partnerships

We carefully craft a sales strategy to market our clients to relevant and selected companies for personal endorsement and team sponsorship relationships that enhance the career and earning potential of our driver clients.


We oversee the license and merchandise program making sure the driver marks are utilized consistently with the brand plan.  Our assistance extends to working with the team making sure all appropriate licensing opportunities are considered.

Community Relations

Our driver clients are in unique position to give back and make a lasting impact on society. We assist each of our clients with the development and management of their charitable programs including setting up 501 C 3 charitable foundations.  We strive to create highly effective and unique initiatives and fundraising events involving the drivers foundations that drive awareness for certain causes and benefit not only the community but also some of the most respected charitable organizations in the world.

PR, Web & Social Media

We assist the team and sponsors in developing the drivers PR strategy.  Once the strategy is developed, we assist in securing appropriate PR opportunities to execute the strategy.  We also offer media training to those clients seeking further experience and provide targeted press releases to support driver initiatives outside of the team and sponsor communications.

We guide our clients into the increasingly important social media world by assisting with the development of programs involving platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  We also assist with the design and maintenance of the drivers personal websites, all in an effort to enhance the drivers overall marketability.



FUEL SMG is one of a select group of premier management agencies focused exclusively on motorsports, enabling us to provide expert consultation in the following areas:

Corporate Consultation

We are a fixture on the NASCAR circuit with unparalleled access to NASCAR executives, marketers, team owners, drivers and the vast spectrum of corporate partners. These relationships enable us to provide our corporate partners with timely, accurate and essential information as well as visionary and reliable recommendations.

Many of the marketing agencies in the sport focus their expertise on activation programs, while we focus on pairing up sponsors with the best team and driver combination to meet their corporate business objectives.  Our expertise in this area is second to none.

We can provide corporations with the highest level of experience, knowledge and access. We work together to make our corporate partners true NASCAR insiders also, optimally positioning your team to evaluate motorsports opportunities that best fit the respective corporations strategic objectives and brand vision.

Sponsorship Sales

The racing industry is unique, as without corporate sponsorship, a race team simply cannot economically field a car.  For any corporate sponsorship arrangement to work well, it has to make sense for the team owner, the sponsor and the driver.  Therefore, our core philosophy is to assist the teams in securing corporate partners.  We view our success as a win-win result as the team will have more resources to perform better on the track and the driver will increase his marketability.

Our staff has substantial expertise in this area, securing over $500 million of team sponsorship revenue over the past decade. We have contractual agreements with a substantial majority of the elite NASCAR organizations to work in partnership to secure new sponsors in racing.

Event Management

Our team has been involved with the creation or management of several ground-breaking events and television productions, including the Prelude to the Dream broadcast on HBO Pay-Per-View.  Since we have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the motorsports industry, we are in a unique position to create and implement trendsetting motorsports productions.

Our capabilities allow for broadcast partners and/or media sponsors to produce unique events that appeal to the motorsports demographic allowing for partnering companies to break through the sponsor clutter.

Corporate Hospitality & Entertainment

We provide for first-rate corporate experiences by finding the best sources to provide premier event hospitality packages and on-site amenities to enable corporate clients to promote their brands and close sales opportunities.