Kahne and Wallace featured in NASCAR brand spots

Kasey Kahne and Darrell Wallace Jr. are featured in NASCAR’s next evolution of ‘Unpredictable, Dramatic’ brand campaign that debuted on FOX-TV during the Daytona 500.

Titled “Machine,” “Heroes” and “Change,” these spots are designed to connect NASCAR’s biggest stars, the drivers, with NASCAR’s most treasured supporters, the fans, driving home the experiences, sights and sounds that make NASCAR unique. Two of the spots are available in Spanish as part of NASCAR’s commitment to broaden its fan base among millennial and multicultural audiences.

Matching the human movement of a grueling training regimen with the movements of a car being prepped for a race, this spot poses the question of which entity on the track is the “machine.” Is it the world-class car, or is it the elite mind and body of NASCAR drivers?

NASCAR drivers are larger than life for a wide demographic of fans, but they evoke awe and admiration from children, in particular. Kids marvel at the star power and sheer fun of being a NASCAR driver.

NASCAR is built on the timeless stories of daredevil drivers who made history in decades past. But true to its roots, this sport doesn’t stand still and is continually pushing the boundaries through new, bold drivers and younger generation of fans.

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